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Quality assured across our whole product range including Industrial Chemical, Urea FertilizerWhite Portland Cement, White Caustic Soda Powder, Gamma Butyrolactone, Sodium Carbonate Powder,  Silicon Dioxide, Potassium Carbonate Powder, Sodium Propionate, Calcium Citrate etc.

About Us

In order to lead our company, SA Globalz Merchandise Import and Export in the competitive market of present times, we have been working with a great deal of commitment and perseverance. The journey of our business began back in the year 2017, and we have since been leading the industry as a manufacturer and exporter of a wide variety of products. Some of the items from our vast selection include White Portland Cement, Urea Fertilizer, Industrial Chemical, Gamma Butyrolactone, White Caustic Soda Powder, Sodium Carbonate Powder, Potassium Carbonate Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Propionate, Calcium Citrate and various others. The pricing of the products we offer to the customers is kept as nominal as possible, particularly when compared to other businesses present in the market. In addition, we make our products from procuring materials of some leading market vendors, which helps in completing our clients orders in a timely manner.
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Whole Urea FertilizerWhite Portland Cement, Gamma Butyrolactone, White Caustic Soda Powder, Industrial Chemical, Sodium Carbonate Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Potassium Carbonate Powder, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Propionate and various others.
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Our Objectives

The following are the primary objectives of our company:
  • To maintain long-lasting relations with customers and retain them in the future.
  • To guarantee that all client orders are completed safely and on time.
  • To focus on upholding ethical business values when dealing with the clients.
  • To provide high quality of products like Urea Fertilizer, Industrial Chemical, Silicon Dioxide, White Portland Cement, Gamma Butyrolactone, White Caustic Soda Powder, Potassium Carbonate Powder, Sodium Carbonate Powder, Sodium Propionate, Calcium Citrate etc. to the customers.

Satisfaction of Customers

The requirements of the customers are frequently changing, and the main goal of our company is to satisfy them appropriately.


Our company is led by a highly skilled and experienced team of experts which operates to the best of their abilities and take our company to new heights.

Quality Assurance

Quality has been and will continue to be our top concern, and it is reflected in our outstanding product range.

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Our Products
Glucono Delta Lactone(GDL), White Portland Cement, Gamma Butyrolactone, Urea Fertilizer, Industrial Chemical,  White Caustic Soda Powder, Potassium Carbonate Powder, Sodium Carbonate Powder, Sodium Propionate, Silcon Dioxide, Calcium Citrate etc.,
Glucono Delta Lactone(GDL)
Categories Preservatives Qty in 20FCL 22000kg Min Order 500kg Origin South Africa Packaging Factory Packaging or Neutral Certificate ISO, Kosher, Halal, BRC E Number E575 CAS No. 90-80-2 HS Code 293220 Specification FCC/USP
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